Holistic Home Interior Design Consultant

My love for design began at an early age. I grew up in  Connecticut, in a 275-year-old Colonial-style home where my parents gave me my first look into the world of home design that was to become my passion.


I now help busy overworked parents and professionals to create a calm sanctuary at home that supports their physical, spiritual and mental wellness.


On a personal level, it took a chronic diagnosis to want to learn more about the benefits of a slower lifestyle and to incorporate wellness-focused interior design into my life. It was this need for happiness in my surroundings that became vital for my own health journey.


The support of my family and the loving pleasantness of my home have been so incredibly important to the management of my well being. Through this experience I feel, on a professional level, a unique understanding of how those craving calm, comforting environments, such as a home, can improve one’s health.

I hold a Bachelor of Art degree in Interior Design and a degree in Hospitality Management from the University of New Haven and certification by the Wellness Within Your Walls educational program. I believe strongly in the need for historic preservation.  I volunteered to act as Executive Co-Chair of a two-year fundraising effort to preserve the 200- year-old Congregational Church in Killingworth, Connecticut. I also serve as Secretary on the Historic Review Committee which oversees the applications for demolition of historic properties. 


Recently, I became a Somnvie Sleep Consultant Concierge. I strongly believe the Somnvie mission to help people get quality sleep is aligned with my values of helping clients.  And who doesn't love high-quality bedding products?


For fun, I enjoy scouring antique and vintage stores to find hidden gems. I take pleasure in lunching with girlfriends and spending quality time with family. As an art lover and historic home and hotel fanatic, I love to explore and tour historic hotels, estates, gardens and museums. I am blessed with a wonderfully supportive husband and two great children, a son and daughter. I also derive much joy from my two dogs, Snuggles and Ginger. I’m grateful for being able to do what I love and take pride in my ability to design with empathy and heart.

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