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Wishing you peace and comfort,

Rachel Schemmerling 

My name is Rachel Schemmerling, and I created Timeless Living Designs, under my design studio Timeless Interiors. It was inspired by the Timeless Living philosophy based around the Slow Living Movement. This lifestyle emphasizes a slower approach to all aspects of everyday life. 


I apply this philosophy to the way I approach design and decorating, as well as, entertaining and travel. I discuss this further in my weekly blog and a monthly newsletter called “Timeless Living,” which features Decorating, Travel and Entertaining tips and ideas. I also host two private Facebook groups -- “Timeless Living” and “Wellness by Design”. The Timeless Living group centers on exploring decorating, unique local travel, entertaining and other timeless pursuits. The Wellness by Design group is a community that is focused on designing wellness-themed environments for those dealing with stressful situations. 


I have learned that committing myself to what I love is freeing and nourishes my soul.  It allows me to be fully authentic in my love for rustic, elegant, classic interiors that support busy families, active hospitality properties and small businesses.


It took a chronic diagnosis to begin to learn more about the benefits of a slower lifestyle, incorporating wellness centered design, healthy foods and activities into my life. I then began bringing this new knowledge to my clients. I am known for my unique approach to design, with a keen eye for fashioning beautiful, comfortable surroundings that support wellness and a healthy lifestyle.


I create designs that are meaningful to my clients because I understand how the nature of an environment can greatly influence the inhabitants that occupy it. I work with my clients to curate a space that is well thought out, supports their every day activities and encourages health and wellness. 


In interior design, the education never ends. I am constantly attending seminars, trade shows and participating in learning opportunities that enhance my design work. I hold a Bachelor of Arts in Interior Design from The University of New Haven and have Associate Degrees in Interior Design and in Hospitality Management. I am a member of the Interior Design Society, and a former Allied member of ASID. 


I have served on the Town of Killingworth’s Historic Review Board and I am a member of The Congregational Church of Killingworth, where I chaired the Preservation 2020 Committee which hosting several fundraisers where we raised $200,000 towards our goals. 


I am a current member of ALP, the Association of Lodging Professionals and write for their bi-monthly newsletter. I am a former member of Middlesex Chamber of Commerce, The Newcomer's Club, The Killingworth Historical Society and the Killingworth Women's Organization where I was the committee chair of decorating the library for their annual fundraising wine tasting. 


For fun, I love to scour antique, vintage, and thrift stores for hidden gems to repurpose, tour historic estates, museums, and cultural events, and sip tea. I also enjoy spending time in nature, even from my front porch, and exploring historic gardens and state parks. I am blessed with a wonderfully supportive husband, and two great children -- a teenaged son and a young daughter. I also have two dogs, Snuggles, a Silky and Ginger, a Morkie. They all bring much joy to my life.

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