Any home, Any style can be a holistic healthy home.

A holistic healthy home is your sanctuary. The place you retreat to at the end of the day.

It has been designed to support your holistic well being and heal your ailments.

Your home should support your physical, spiritual and mental wellness. 

Our assessment follows a10 step check list that evaluates the following in your home :

 Natural Light, Chemical Control & Use, Consumption & Recycling, Food Science

Quality of Air and Water,

Floor Plans that Improve Communication, Soothing Color Palette,

Sustainable Furnishings and Decorative Accessories

Behavioral Strategies to Support Your Physical, Spiritual, Mental Wellness. 

All areas of the home support your physical, spiritual and mental wellness as they are all connected.

Your home has much to do with your health as exercising and a healthy diet.

Consider your home design as a wellness focused space created to keep you and your family healthy.