We begin with an initial two-hour meeting and discuss your vision for the project and define the problem areas.


We discuss a plan to create a beautiful organized and calm home interior that supports your physical, spiritual and mental wellness.


Prior to meeting, we will ask you to complete a detailed questionnaire designed to help you think about your home as a whole. This prompts you to describe how you want your home to feel.

We support you, our client, to guide you confidently through your project and help you where you need our consulting services most


The Healthy Home Assessment Service provides you with expert guidance from us, your Interior Design Partner.


Allow us to assist you with creating healthy home that you may find especially overwhelming. We help you avoid making costly mistakes when picking out the finishes and details for your project, when choosing services and trades, and educate you on what could be toxic or harmful to yourself and home.  


Services provide a 10 step comprehensive report including the following:

  • Placement of Sun/Optimization of Natural Light

  • Evaluation of Air Quality/Referrals for Service

  • Evaluation of Water Quality/Referrals for Service

  • ​Evaluation of Mold Presence/Referrals for Service

  • Floor Plans and Layout Ideas/Conducive for Communication

  • Calming Color Palette/Low VOC Paint Selection

  • Clutter Control/Ideas for Organization 

  • Curation of Sustainable Furnishings and Fabrics

  • Evaluation of Chemical Control/Cleaning Products and Toxins

  • Optimization of Natural Light/Indoor Lighting/Window Treatments

  • Suggestions for Natural/Organic Bedding

  • Sourcing Natural Organic Furniture and Accessories/ Shopping Services

  • Provide Comprehensive Report of Findings and Provide Behavioral Strategies to Support Physical, Spiritual, Mental Wellness within the Home 

With our expertise and knowledge, you can feel confident knowing that you have us by your side to assist you in choosing some of the most important key elements for your design project.