We begin with a first initial two hour meeting where we

discuss your vision for the project and

define the problem areas

We discuss a plan to create a beautiful organized and

calm restful and healthy interior

that supports your

physical, spiritual and mental wellness.



Prior to meeting, we will ask you to complete a detailed questionnaire

designed to help you think about your home as a whole.

This prompts you to describe how you want your

space to feel and how

we can help implement a healthy living system

After the first meeting, we schedule an

information gathering session to measure and evaluate

all the elements of the space. 










Once we have a deeper understanding of you and the project, we return to the studio to

source sustainable furnishings, create a floor plan, and design a customized space just for you

The first presentation is scheduled to review our design plan.

We present samples, floor plans and discuss the project.  

Then one round of tweaks and changes can be made. 

A second presentation is scheduled to approve and finalize the designs. 

Ordering begins, items are received and then a date is set for installation. 

On installation day, our team carefully implements

all the parts of the design plan.

And then it's time for the best part, the reveal!


With our expertise and knowledge, you can feel confident knowing that

you have us by your side to assist you in choosing

low toxin, sustainable furnishings and decorative finishes that create a design plan to

support your health and wellness while create a beautiful home or office customized just for you!



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