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Healing Your Home Through Color

It has been proven that color has an impact on our well being. There are studies behind the psychology of how color affects us. Advertisers and businesses have long used color to influence our decisions.

So it stands to reason using color in such a way to create an atmosphere that supports our wellbeing in the home makes a lot of sense. Perhaps the rigors of life, illness, raising children, financial stress, divorce, etc. have you feeling lost and stressed. Have you considered changing the colors in your home?

Start by deciding what colors you are usually drawn to. For clues, look in your wardrobe. What colors do you usually favor? Is there a color that makes you feel joy? There are many commonly noted psychological effects of color.

For instance, warm colors like reds, yellows and oranges – can spark a variety of emotions ranging from comfort and warmth to hostility and anger. Whereas for example, cooler colors, like greens, blues and purples can create feelings of calmness but also sadness.

Once you've decided on what color evokes a positive emotion for you, tweak it to fit your environment. Perhaps you find a beautiful soft chenille blue sofa... accented with some beautiful pops of color that inspire you and make you feel joy.

Take your time choosing. Live with a sample for a few days and view it in different types of light. Is it different on a gray rainy day? Or does the color still make you feel that happier feeling you were striving for. Using color to change your perspective is very powerful and liberating. What color is going to heal you?

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