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Spring Clearing

Spring Clearing

Recently in my Facebook business page Timeless Interiors by Rachel Schemmerling and also my Private Group page Timeless Healing Interiors (soon to be a new name) we talked about spring cleaning… but more correctly; 'spring clearing'. Clearing out and editing out items that no longer serve you or your home. I challenged everyone to let go of one thing a day and post about what they removed. Some people said they felt so good after letting it go and that they were not sure why it took them so long to get rid of it. This is because things hold energy, positive and negative. Things can make us feel good but can makes us feel equally awful.

Do you have an item in your home that every time you look at it you are reminded of that person that hurt you or an event that drained you? Perhaps it’s time to let it go? Do you have things that were gifted to you, that are not necessarily your style or fit your decor? Did you inherit and loved ones belongings? Do you have tons of paperwork and art work piling up from your kids? The practice of Feng Shui is based on the principle that life in the material world should be made as pleasant as possible and to do this one should live in harmony with the energy in your space. I love this philosophy and agree with it whole heartedly. I know that when my own home is in disarray I have a sense of anxiety and stress. I’m not a Feng shui practitioner but I know that I need to have some sense of order and calm in my personal surroundings.

Sometimes it’s the sentimental things that are are the hardest to let go of. I suggest to take a photo of that item. Get rid of the things and keep a photo album of the items that were special, but don’t necessarily serve a purpose and are taking up space in your home. Some ways you can remove things are by either donating them to charity organizations, giving them away to friends or throwing them away in the trash. You can have a Yard Sale or bring them to a Consignment shop. There are several charity organizations that will pick up your items that go to a good cause. I use large laundry baskets that I label, DONATE, GIVE, TOSS to help me sort out the items. This helps keep the piles clear and allows me to make decisions about things quickly. Of course larger items like furniture need to be put aside, perhaps in a garage or basement. Or take a photo of it, and learn the skill of selling things online.

Another way to “Spring Clear”, is to take one room in your home and just simply remove everything. When you re-paint this is a great time to do this. As you put things back into the room, consider if it is still needed, loved or special…and it fits in your home decor. Don't just bring Everything back in. Really evaluate what will return into that space. Last year I removed a kitchen table and chairs that I received from a friend from my past. This person really hurt me emotionally and abandoned me at a time of need. Every time I looked at it or sat down to eat, I felt all those emotions all over again. So I sold it and replaced it with a new table and chairs. As soon as that table left the house, I felt relieved and liberated. Take a close look at the items in your home and see what might be re-creating stressful feelings in you. You might not even realize it until you take a hard look at your surroundings. Do some spring clearing. It’s the perfect time of year to move some things out. As you do, being to think about the new things you’d like to replace them with. Envision the furniture and accessories you would love to look at each day.

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