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5 interior design tricks to create a happy home

What is the difference between a house and a home? They both refer to the place you live in and where you sleep in at night. Yet, to make your house a home is to create a space where you feel comfortable, cozy and safe. Having a place where we feel at peace is even more important nowadays. By taking care of ourselves in our home, we are able to be better prepared to take on the rest of the world.

Imagine waking up in a home that fills you with happiness and going back to a place at night that makes you feel relaxed just by thinking about it... How much of an impact would that have on your energy throughout the rest of the day? How we arrange our space and decorate our interior can have a big influence on how we feel when we are home.

Here are 5 interior design tips to make your home your happy place.

1. What’s your happy place looking like?

If you had to picture the most serene and happy place to you what would it be?

Do you see a spa-looking place overlooking the ocean? Do you see a fancy hotel? Do you see a forest home surrounded by nature? Do you see a bright colorful room with lots of games and fun activities? Everyone has their own definition of happiness and their own way of resourcing themselves. Make a list of what YOUR ideal happy place would look like and start implementing some of these ideas into your current home by aligning the colors and furniture to this vision.

2. What activity makes you happy?

We know what makes us happy. Unfortunately we don’t always set ourselves up for success and in this case for happiness. Sometimes we don’t do the thing we like to do because the space isn’t prepared for it. Concretely how do you resource yourself?

Is it by reading or meditating? Then make sure to have a quiet space in your house for that. Is it by being creative and painting? Then dedicate a big table for your art so that you don’t have to move it around all the time. If cooking relaxes you spend more time decorating the kitchen and clearing the space so you have more freedom in that room.

Be honest with yourself and define what makes you feel good and what participates to your healthy balance. It will be much more fun and motivating to indulge into what makes you happy once your space is ready for your happiness project.

3. Be kind to your future self

Think about your daily schedule, how you operate, what you need the most. Make sure everything you use often is being easily accessible instead of tucked away and hard to reach. Decluttering your space is a great idea and will bring you a sense of control of happiness. Making it hard for you to reach daily objects will on the contrary bring more frustrations. Take notes of what you use often and keep those handy and organized.

4. Celebrate the happy moments

Bring positive memories to life in your home. A picture that reminds you of a great trip, a portrait of your family, a painting that brings you joy. Make space for these special decorative items that make you smile by just looking at them.

5. Invest in experiences

Our home can create happy memories if we set them up well.

Declutter your space of what doesn’t serve you anymore and invite human connections instead. What about making a corner in your kitchen dedicated to taking your morning coffee while looking out the window with your partner? Does your family enjoy eating outside? Get yourself a big enough outdoor table with enough chairs and some lights to enjoy the outdoors. Make your home a place where happy experiences easily happens.

Are you ready to nurture your happiness right in your house? Using interior design to promote happy living is our passion. If you need extra help, contact us today.