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Exterior Furniture Trends

Exterior Furniture Trends

Sometimes we tend to focus on the interior of a home and forget to take a look outside. Exterior furniture, especially in locations that are in warmer climates on a more consistent basis, can be quite impressive. From the pool to the patio to the dining area, outdoor furniture has come a long way! Here are few ways that designers are stepping up their exterior furniture game.

Outdoor Dining Spaces

Sometimes the dining room can be extremely mundane and boring. With home design we are starting to branch out to the outdoors and create more casual, lounging options for lunch, dinner, and cocktails. It tends to get a bit stuffy inside, especially when it is a nice day and all you want to do is sit outside and have your meal. Exterior dining areas are now appealing to the more casual and comfortable vibes with couches paired with large coffee tables to group dining as well as lounge chairs coupled with a small table for two. These combos are perfect for grabbing a drink and tapas with your friends, family, or colleagues.

Pool Seating

Pools have always been a big attraction when choosing a home. More and more families are wanting to create a resort like sanctuary in their homes and with an awesome pool area families can spend their time sitting around the pool with a nice seating lounge area. These lounge areas can be a space that is kid friendly as well as have the option of laying out, hanging out with other adults, and maybe even use the space without the children!

Balcony Styles

Create a relaxing space on your balcony at home. You will want to bring out a book and sit on a daybed, or couch that is on the balcony. If the sun gets a bit harsh, an umbrella option is perfect to stay outside and enjoy the weather without enduring a sunburn! Turn on some music, relax on the patio and have a beverage. Sounds like the perfect setting to us.

Communal Space

The common outdoor space can make or break the atmosphere for your home. Mixing different types of materials like wood and rattan with an outdoor friendly fabric allow you to create a nice layering effect and add texture and pattern. Using area rugs, potted plants and vibrant pillow designs will help to create a relaxing outdoor sanctuary.

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