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Four Ways to Implement a Healthy Living System

Creating a healthy lifestyle is all about adapting behavioral strategies to meet your end goal. The end goal is to be healthy for ourselves and for our families. Doesn't everyone want that? So how do we begin? And, then, how do we stick with it? Implementing a healthy living system in your home can be difficult. It takes time, focus and a conscious effort to make -- and to adhere -- to those changes. It's a lot like when you bought that treadmill that gradually morphed into a laundry hanger instead of an instrument to help you exercise. Or that diet plan you meant to start last Monday. Let's start with these four steps:

First: Create a plan to reduce toxic exposure in your home while still engaging in positive lifestyle habits that will help maintain long-term health and wellness. Getting your home in order is the first place to start. Keep a list of the areas in your home to inspect and create a checklist of the changes you want to make. Identify which rooms or spaces are a priority and tackle them first.

Second: Reach out and ask the experts for help! Have a wellness consultation in your home performed by a certified wellness designer. Yes, this is a legitimate thing! They can check for potential sources of EMF (electro-magnetic radiation fields), VOC chemicals, allergens and particulates. They can give advice on simple low toxic improvements, make observations regarding natural light, furniture placement, color, conscious consumption, and provide advice on ways to improve physical, spiritual, and mental wellness within your home.

Third: Make an intentional effort to slow down. Clear your schedule a bit for the next week or two to focus on yourself and your home. Take this time to choose what products you are bringing in. Read labels. Educate yourself on the toxic chemicals that exist in clothing, cleaning products, fabrics and furniture. Take time to reduce these items and switch out for organic, low or no-tox cleaning products.

Fourth: Evaluate your kitchen. Think about this area as the heart of the home and the place your wellness goals begin. Considering incorporating advanced technologies and energy-efficient appliances, choose products such as formaldehyde-free cabinets and wool hood vent filters. Set up an efficiency plan in your kitchen. This means that everything easily accessible for proper food preparation. For instance, is the cutting board buried in a low cabinet or is it easy to reach. Evaluate your pantry and make sure you are shopping locally for fresh and organic ingredients that help to maintain a healthy diet.

We all need a little help when it comes to creating a healthy life. Reach out, go for a walk with a friend and nurture those relationships. Open a window for fresh air and buy some houseplants and fresh flowers. Begin slowly to bring in more of the good into your life. Begin to implement small changes that support your physical, spiritual and mental health. Take small steps over time and you will achieve those wellness goals.