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Happy New Year!! Setting the Intention to Live Slow...

Wow! What a year!? To say this was a difficult year is an understatement. To deal with the stress of what was happening around me, I personally took this time to grow and transform. I found deeper meaning in my business and learned ways to incorporate the slow living philosophy into my daily life. It's this philosophy I'm determined to bring to all of you and to show you how to incorporate healthy living systems into your homes.

It's not easy to slow down. Most of us are moving at a pace that is constantly rushed, our thoughts filled with to-do lists and life's constant pressures. This is where we need to ask ourselves, WHY? Why are we so busy? Are we avoiding having to deal with something or just have a hard time saying no. Do we suffer from people pleasing? The stressors and things we cannot change will always be there and life is fleeting by. Our children are growing before our eyes and parents are aging rapidly requiring more and more of our care and attention. We look up and wonder, "Wait a minute, life was supposed to be easier than this?"

Much of our woes are caused by mindset. Slow living is a mindset. It's a way of life. Slow living is a lifestyle that emphasizes a slower approach to all aspects of everyday life. It doesn't mean you move slowly like a snail. Or that you drive like a bottle of molasses spilled over. It's simply stopping the rushed frantic pace you may be keeping. It's about stopping the constant urge to pack your day with unnecessary things. It's about saying no to too many obligations and over scheduling.

Slow living is about pausing while sipping your morning coffee to notice how good it smells and tastes, it's about things like noticing the feel of the soft soap in your hands while washing, or the gentle breeze against your face while walking to the mailbox. It's simple and awake thinking. It's generally taking the time to notice and be alive. To count the blessings and savor your gratefulness for them.

It's been proven that keeping a gratitude journal changes your perspective to a more positive happier view. Slow living is living gratefully each and every moment intentionally. It's a practice that takes daily reminding. And a discipline to not fall back into old patterns. What can you do today to slow down? Just start with one thing... one day a week. See how you feel and how it impacts those around you. When we make the decision to live this way it benefits not only ourselves but those around us as well.

This year... instead of those pesky "new years resolutions", make a decision. The decision to slow down and enjoy life moment by moment and enjoy the little things. It will make all the difference.

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Wishing you all a Happy & Healthy New Year!

Wishing you Love, Peace and Comfort!

Rachel @timelesslivingdesigns