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How to Apply Slow Living Lifestyle to Your Busy Life: Incorporating Wellness Practices

The IWBI - International Well Building Institute - created what’s called the Well Building Standard. It is the first protocol of its kind centered on human centric design. It is based on seven elements: Air, Water, Nourishment, Light, Fitness, Comfort and Mind and how each of these affect the wellbeing of humans but also buildings; specifically, your home. There’s also Wellness Within Your Walls (WWYW), an internationally recognized educational program. It was developed to achieve a high level of wellness in community development by applying simple behavioral strategies. 

The Wellness Within Your Walls Certification program teaches how to make a difference in homeowners lives by encouraging the healthiest building protocols, products and services through the Healthy Living System. It evaluates the quality of a building through a 10-step approach: Clean Air, Clean Water, Natural Light, Chemical Control, Physical Wellness, Mental Wellness, Spiritual Wellness, Conscious Consumption, Food Science, and Behavioral Strategies.

We can all begin to look for ways to slow down and support each of these elements in our lives. For instance, take a closer look at your life and start small. Find a particular area or goal where you can make a conscious choice to deliberately slow your mind, your breathing, your thinking and your focus on just that moment.

Perhaps it's at the breakfast table with the kids before everyone jets off, maybe it's stopping to greet a friend in the street while running errands, or just simply pausing for a moment after a busy day at work...and counting your blessings before starting the engine and driving home.

You can evaluate your own home by applying the 10 steps to evaluate the quality of these air, water, light, etc., in your home. How is the air quality? What cleaning products have you been using? Is the space plan of your common areas like the living room conducive for healthy activities? Is your bedding material encouraging a healthy night sleep? Are the window treatments allowing for natural light to enter the room?

We all know at least a few simple ways to slow ourselves down even in the busiest times. But when it applies to creating a deliberately slow-designed environment, stop and consider – “Do I start in one room or do an overall review of my whole home?”

Ask yourself these specific questions: Is there sufficient air flow? How is the quality of light? Is there a proper area for mealtime? Are those meals healthy? Is there an area that supports exercising? Are the sneakers kept by the door for a quick walk? Do you have an open area for some yoga stretching? Do you have the proper bedding? Is your room temperature comfortable? Are your décor colors calming or the old wallpaper so busy that it’s stressful just to look at it? All of these things support a healthy home. Stop, slow down, and take a good hard look.

Start looking for ways to slow down and to create a means of supporting wellness within your home and your family. For advice on launching overall wellness practices in your home, reach out to us to book a wellness audit consultation.

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