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How to spark your creativity at home with these 5 simple tips

Have you ever entered a trendy coworking space or coffee shop that instantly made you want to take your laptop out and start working? These places are created with the goal to get you in the best creative and focus mood possible.

Do you struggle to find that same motivation in your own home? The good news is that there are simple things you can start implementing now to make your home your favorite new creative hub!

Creativity doesn’t just come out of nowhere. It is something we need to nurture and invite in our life. We all have days where we feel more creative than others. So what can we do to spark our creativity daily? Let’s start from the comfort of your home!

Here are 5 tips to invite creativity into your home and let it flow so you can feel more inspired and energized on a daily basis. Try it out for yourself!


We won’t say it enough. A cluttered space equals a cluttered mind where creativity has no room to expand. Start getting rid of things you don’t use and make room in your design to breathe. That will create less distractions for your mind and more space for ideas to grow.

Bonus: it will make it much easier to clean and keep your place organized.

Houses are for living

Don’t buy expensive furniture or designer pieces if you will be too afraid to use them. Get used to the idea that with time your interior might get some scratches and it’s perfectly ok. Your house is your safe space, where you shouldn’t be worried to breathe, eat colorful food and put the coffee cup down. Cut yourself some slack and don’t feel restricted in your interior.

Have fun with your design

Mix white, light and sober walls with splashes of your favorite colors to sparkle your creativity and happiness. Add pictures or decoration that inspire you – a picture of your favorite ocean view, a photograph from your favor artist, etc. Display your most inspiring books so that your eyes lay on them more often or a collection of objects you particularly like.

Add personal touches that will make you feel good and inspired when you look at them.

Have your own creative space

Dedicate a specific area of your house to your creativity. Make it a sacred space that can only be used for when you are in your creative flow. Have notebooks accessible, maybe even a whiteboard to take notes of all your ideas. Add in your favorite candles or essential oil diffuser to make it uniquely you and comfortable.

TIP: make sure your space has a fair amount of natural light or even better arrange your desk next to a window. Add a plant if the view doesn’t feature greenery already.

Get yourself in the flow

Now that your space is ready for you, get your mind and body ready as well. Create a space to move, shake and play. Which activity works best for you? Is it yoga or meditation? Have your yoga mat or meditation pillow always out as a reminder to start your day that way. Is it music and dancing? Keep some space to shake things off and let yourself free. Know yourself and create opportunities in your house to feel the creative energy flowing when you feel stuck.

Do you need any advice on how to arrange your space to invite creativity daily into your home? Contact us today, we’d love to help you.

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