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Keeping It Light, A Light Bright Home

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Spring officially begins on March 20, although it's often several weeks later that we see its full glory. What we CAN celebrate is a few more minutes of light creeping in each evening as we march toward summer.

And what a great time to think about light. It makes me remember an old commercial for window cleaner. Someone goes to a window and throws open the curtains to reveal sunshine flooding into the room. We all love light (ok, maybe not at 1:00 a.m.), so how can we make our homes always feel like the great outdoors on a sunny day?

1. Wash windows - you know how streaks on a car's windshield make it hard to see? The same goes for the windows in your home. Use a lint-free cloth and window cleaner for a perfect view - inside and out.

2. Remove heavy drapery - It was tradition to swap your dark, lined winter drapes for light, airy curtains in warmer months. Many of us have airtight windows now -- plus shades or blinds -- so you can enjoy sunshine all year with lighter drapes. And your room will be lighter as a result.

3. Add mirrors on the wall - Walk around your rooms at different times of day to see where the light hits. Exchange a print or painting with a large mirror, or a grouping to reflect the rays and bathe the room in sunshine. Also, be aware of how sunlight interacts with the reflective and non-reflective glass on your artwork.

4. Paint with reflective light colors- When choosing paint, choose lighter colors that reflect light, like white. White objects reflect all visible wavelengths of light, while black objects absorb all visible wavelengths.

5. Remove brush from outside - Look to see if the light coming in your windows is blocked by overgrown foliage. Then go outside on a sunny day and do the same. Flowering shrubs make a yard beautiful, but be sure they aren't robbing you of precious indoor sunlight. Try this during different seasons. A bare branch across an upstairs window in winter is fine, but in summer it might be a sun-blocker. You could trim it back (unless it's holding a bird's nest!).

6. Use light therapy lamps - There are times when natural daylight is just not available. Luckily, you can improvise with a light therapy lamp to bring in the light. They are also beneficial for those who suffer from SAD (Season Affective Disorder). Light therapy lamps come in a wide range of sizes, intensities, and prices.

7. Supplement natural light-By using warm white light bulbs which enhance the tones of natural light. Incandescent bulbs give off more red wavelengths, so they can be used to supplement fluorescent light and balance out the spectrum.

We all know that light can change our mood in an instant. Changing our mood has a domino effect and when it's good can improve the mood and life of others.

And, luckily, making subtle changes to allow for more light doesn't take very long either!

Let the sunshine in!

With Love & Gratitude,

Rachel Schemmerling

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