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Lessons Learned from a ChallengingYear

The start of a new year is always a time and a self-promise to get organized, start that health regime, and begin something new. Having a fresh new planner and calendars at the ready. A whole brand new spanking year stretched out ahead. I am a planner, and this is my favorite time of year. I enjoy filling in that calendar and getting a sense of what the year ahead might look like, when to look forward, and when to let go.

In December, everyone was so eager to move into a new sense of place and kiss 2020 goodbye. 2020 certainly had its challenges, and now 2021 has started out bumpy. At times it seems even more uncertain. than the year preceeding it. Yet there is some hope on the horizon. I would be remiss to not acknowledge the horrific events that unfolded in our nation's capital in early January and how it would affect our country's longing to move forward.. And the lingering fear that perhaps it isn’t over. However, many people I have talked to feel as though this is but a hiccup In time. Certainly a dark time. A pause. But not permanent. This experience comes from people I know that have filled out a great many calendars. Elders that we owe our respect simply for the wisdom they can impart. They’ve seen it all, But they know better times are ahead. I'm leaning on that for now.

A teaching moment, What was the biggest lesson you learned in the last year? What has that changed about how you plan to spend this year? For me, personally, I learned to take more time for self-care. I'm always re-learning this lesson. Each year I promise I'll "take better care of myself" but something always happens...and life derails. The best laid plans, they say. But this last year, I learned to start with small changes. And over time, these small changes have built up to big changes. For instance, over the course of a few months, one by one, I replaced much of my bedding and pillows. Do you remember those old mattress ads reminding that you spend a third of your life in bed? Just having new bedding has helped me to get a better night's sleep wihout night sweats or tossing and turning. I wake refreshed and renewed. This simple change has made such a positive impact on my well being. I also began a nighttime, pre-bed ritual by turning off the phone and electronic devices and either get in a bit of reading, mediation, just sitting in silence, drink a glass of wine or enjoy (post children in bed) silence. It's the perfect time to practice self-care as the day closes.

Makings these subtle changes in all aspects of my life has made me excited to share it with others. Some practices are simple to adopt. Other practices require more help and guidance.

As part of my certification training with the organization, Wellness Within Your Walls, I learned about incorporating a healthy living system into my home. And now I offer this service customized to my clients, . I have taken my extensive background in interior design and melded it with a wellness-focused evaluation and interior design plan. It is a holistic approach for homes and professional spaces helping a wide variety of health-conscious clients. And what a way to start a brand new year!