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Organizing and Letting Go

I have spent the better part of the last two years purging and clearing out my closets, drawers, and attic. When I started changing my mindset to keeping only what I need and to what brings me joy (Thanks Marie Kondo); I am now able to purge the excess without guilt or turmoil. It also allows me to think critically before I make any new purchases.

I now carefully curate the items in my home based on what and how it's made, where it came from, and if it's exactly the right fit. I've learned to live life a little slower and to make more intentional choices, Organization has been integral in making living slower an even more enjoyable experience. It's pretty logical that organizing your tangible life has a positive effect on your emotional life as well.

We have become a society of seekers of instant gratification. We buy, buy, buy and click 'Add to Cart" more often than we admit. But why? Is it just for the thrill of the moment, thinking the latest gadget will change our lives and for the satisfaction that we have the latest fad? When I began this purging project, I wasn't thinking about the wellness factor that comes with clearing clutter. I just knew that whenever I was in a space that had a lot of useless stuff or things from the past, it created a lot of anxiety for me. I knew it was time to reach out.

It was then I called, Chelsea Wade @agoodhome of A GOOD HOME, a professional organizer. She took my office that had been moved 3 times in a period of 4 years and made it into a clear and concise collection of everything I needed without any excess in an orderly fashion. And it was beautiful!

Old habits are hard to break! It took time to get used to my organized existence. At first, I followed old patterns and habits and would dig through a drawer that no longer existed or head for a shelf where I thought something might be. However, it didn't take long to get used to where things were now. Everything has a place. Everything is labeled. And it all flows and makes sense.

The biggest benefit is that there is no more anxiety. Who thought that entering my office, going through neat closets, or getting something from the attic without feeling any stress would be so satisfying!

I'm the kind of person that loves detail. My eyes take in a lot and minimalist decor doesn't excite me because personally I need more to look at. I tend to gravitate towards rooms filled with books and collected things from past travels and adventures.

Most believe that organized, slow interior is consistent with a more minimalistic style of decor. This is true but I believe that it can be incorporated to anyone's personal style. A total minimalist space can be calming so it helps to apply the minimalist philosophy to any space. A slow lifestyle teaches us to pare down and to live with basics in whatever style you love. Being organized and living with only what you need applies to any style and will help in all aspects of life.

"In the process of letting go you will lose many things from the past, but you will find yourself.” – Deepak Chopra

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