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So now take a big breath in and hold. Let it all out. One holiday down during a pandemic. How did it go? I have been hearing from many of you, saying that it was a silver lining to be forced to stay home and enjoy your immediate family. I have heard it was a blessing to be able to move a little slower and take the time to enjoy the holiday without the hustle and bustle. Perhaps this was the lesson in all of this? Perhaps we will slow down now and look forward to the remainder of the year with this mindset. This is not to say it wasn't emotionally difficult in many ways. We may have been missing loved ones that live afar or whom have passed. Or thinking of all those that have and are suffering from this dreadful illness that has taken a hold of the world can certainly dampen our spirits. However, honor that and take a moment to think about the positives that are born of suffering.

As many of you may know, I have multiple sclerosis. It was this very diagnosis, seven years ago now that caused me to reevaluate and make the decision that I was not going to allow it to take over my life. I made the decision to do whatever I could to live a life that was healthy and happy despite the challenges I would face. I wonder, have you had a similar situation? Has something ever hit you so hard in your life that it causes you to pause and reflect? Something that maybe hit you so hard- you knew it was time for changes- ready or not? Well, this is why I'm focused on wellness in interior design. I strongly believe our environments greatly affect our health and well being. I started to dig into the prevailing research out there to find that my instincts were right and that it is now scientifically proven that our interior environments can and do improve our health when a proper healthy living system has been implemented.

Are you health conscience? Are you concerned about climate change and the environment? Do you find yourself using organic cleaning products, eating clean and working out? Do you read labels when purchasing furniture or fabrics? And if you answered no to some of those questions, but want to be the type of person that does these things... that's okay too. I think we all aspire to be more healthful in our decisions. A lot of the time it's just knowing what is available to us or concerned it could be cost prohibitive. I'm on a mission to help people create healthy, sustainable, wellness focused interiors.

If you are interested in learning more about how to set up a healthy home and/or learn more about the Slow Living philosophy and how to incorporate more intentional living into your life and home... let's talk. Book a call with me anytime that works for you on my website www.timelesslivingdesigns.com I'll look forward to talking with you.

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