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Water, Water Everywhere, But is it Safe to Drink?

Establishing a healthy holistic home that is healing and supports your physical, spiritual, and mental wellness includes several components such as Clean Water, Clean Air, Natural Light, Chemical Control, Physical Wellness, Conscious Consumption, Mental Wellness, Spiritual Wellness, Food Science, and Behavioral Strategies. Following is the first in series of blogs featuring one of these elements. Let's start with Water.

Why water? It's probably not your first thought when considering home improvement and wellness. You're maybe imagining new landscaping or replacing old bathroom tiles or painting your entire house. However, it's best to start with the basics. And what is more basic than water?

Speaking of water, I grew up two miles from the Long Island Sound in a centuries-old

farmhouse that sat near a water table. The water was always fresh and cold, and I felt healthier when I drank it. When we had it tested, they told us it was the best, cleanest water they had ever seen. So it was when I traveled elsewhere, I realized not everyone was so lucky.

Think of all the water that flows in and out of your house and your yard – kitchen and bathroom fixtures, washing machines, ice makers, dishwashers, hoses, pools, downspouts, rainwater. Think of all the water you use in one day, both inside and out. And it’s usually taken for granted until you don’t have it. Or if it’s not as safe as you thought.

Water quality is always in the news – Flint, Michigan, is the key example. New York City boasts some of the country’s best water quality thanks to the aqueducts carrying it down from the Catskills. Philadelphia’s water, on the other hand, has historically been the brunt of jokes.

Even closer to home, water quality is – and should be – equated with wellness. An adult woman's body is about 50 percent water! And your brain averages about 73 percent. So you REALLY want your eight glasses a day (you DO drink eight, right?) to taste as fresh and clean as possible. You want clean water to wash clothing and dishes, etc., etc. Whether you have well water or city water, there are ways you can add proper water filtration to your home. Without getting too much into the technicalities, it is best to contact a water filtration specialist and have your water tested but here are four options to improve the quality of your water in your home to start:

1. Water Pitcher Filter -Using water pitchers with filters for drinking water is a good start at removing tastes and odors in your water. These filters remove metals like lead, copper, and mercury. chemicals like chlorine and pesticides. organic compounds that affect the taste and smell of water.

2. Installing On the Faucet Filtration Devices –The advantage to a filtration system at the faucet is they are an inexpensive way to remove tastes and odors but also contaminants.

3. Installing Under the Sink Filtration System- This filter can help to eliminate contaminants that can make you sick or affect the taste or feel of your water supply. These limescale water filter systems may be able to remove microbes, including viruses, bacteria, and parasites, such as cryptosporidium and giardia.

4. Installing Home System Water Filtration System -This is the ultimate way to have water purification at home. You will enjoy safe drinking water all the time, help preserve the environment, prevent skin irritation, save on soap and laundry detergents and enjoy cleaner clothes and dishes and reduce limescale and other mineral deposits.

Before you embark on filtration options, please consider having your water tested. It’s

actually recommended that you do it annually. First, find a local state-licensed water testing

lab. You’ll receive a testing kit to collect water samples to screen for all sorts of elements such

as bacteria, lead, arsenic, radon, and more. You then return your sample to the lab and get the

results within a few days and you can plan your next steps if needed.

To learn more about the clean water standards visit: https://standard.wellcertified.com/water

Securing clean, safe water in your home isn’t difficult – it’s an easy step on the path to wellness and a necessary part of creating peace of mind in the home and living your best life.

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