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Working From Home, The New Frontier

by R a c h e l S c h e m m e r l i n g

Working from home for some of us is not a new thing. But many of us have now been given this opportunity because of the current global situation. Don't have a home office? So what do you do? No matter where you have your work space set up, you'll need it to be comfortable, have good lighting, and allow you to concentrate. Here are some tips to help you create a space that keeps you inspired and motivated.



Maybe it took this time in quarantine to realize, we all essentially have a clean slate to pause and take the time too meditate on what we truly want for our life. Authenticity is a value I deem precious. To truly live a life the way you envision it. For me personally, I finally feel free to release the suppressed romantic within. In all my choices, from bath soap, to the type of bedding I buy, to a chair I choose for my living room. Even the food I eat, the clothes I wear and the movies I watch. It’s all in alignment with my authentic self. It is not a new self we are trying to reconstruct, but more about being completely who you already are. It’s about owning it. And not being afraid to share it with the world.

It’s a lifestyle, not necessarily a style. Fully immersing yourself in the type of life and type of person you want to be will guide you in the choices you make in your interior design. When you are confused on who you are and what you truly love the choices you make will be wrong. You will end up purchasing things that don’t match, don’t fit, don’t work… and much time and money will be lost. When you are struggling with making a choice, go back to the things you love. When you are not in alignment with your true inner self, you will feel off. I have had clients that say to me, “I’m just not good at this stuff.” They mean decorating. And I say to them, well, that may be true. However, it’s not about decorating, its about figuring out what you truly love and the rest will fall into place.


Many of us have used this time to clean out and purge, clear out those closets and empty the basements. And rightfully so, I am a huge advocate of out with the old and in with the new. It is also very therapeutic and cleansing to get rid of old things. I do believe things hold energy. And when we rid ourselves of excess things it creates space for new positive energy to take its place. However, there is also good energy in the things we collect. The things we love. I believe in the importance of surrounding yourself with good memories that evoke positive emotions. Take joy in the accumulation of memorabilia and novelties that are collected from travels or items pulled from an intense hunt at a flea market or favorite antique store. Successful people not only surround themselves with good people, they also surround themselves with a generous atmosphere in their beloved belongings and memories.


Clear the clutter.A pile of papers, laundry or dishes, can create anxiety. Bring in storage. that contain the clutter like file boxes, bins, shelving.

Make it comfortable. Invest in a good desk chair, put down an area rug below to warm it up and bring in a soft throw to drape over your lap or shoulders on chilly days.

Use colors, textures and accessories that inspire you.

Add photos of loved ones, images of favorite travel spots, inspirational quotes. Surround yourself with thins you love.

Bring in fresh flowers or greenery when you can. Even just a fresh cut evergreen in a vase or order yourself from fresh blooms or a plant. Consider it a gift to yourself.

Day light is best.Make sure the lighting is right. Fluorescent lights can be draining. Use natural light when possible. Open up the blinds and drapes. And have good task lighting.

Create an office zone.If the only place you have is the family room or dining room to set up an office. Room dividers can help separate a room or situate the furniture is such a way to block off zones in a larger space for different tasks.

Remember, this is most likely temporary. We are doing this and making sacrifices like working from home to keep us all safe. Please stay healthy!

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