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Laura, VP Marketing

Rachel helped us create a complete coastal theme for our house. She found a wainscot  wallpaper, an installer and window treatments to transform our 1960’s house into an airy  beach home. She has since become our go to resource for additional design and color work.  Not only in our house but for our rental properties as well. It’s been a pleasure working with  Rachel, she’s one of those rare gems who is very talented but isn’t pretentious. Rachel  delivers on what you want within budget.” 

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Lisa, Photographer

“Rachel was able to gently guide me through the design process and helped me build a  design plan for my home that was exactly as I had envisioned. She really took the time to  listen to what our family needed and used her creativity to make it work. She has the  unique ability to not only make the perfect color and style choices but also empowered me to  make my own decisions when choice seemed overwhelming. She has warming authentic  presence and will truly help you create a space that feels right for you.” 

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Mary, Manager

“Rachel did an amazing job redesigning the bed & breakfast guest rooms. She was able to bring out the beauty and history of the 2oo year old colonial building without making it fussy.

Rachel was able to utilize pieces the owner already had there and created a  design plan that was functional and beautiful that gave our customers the best experience."